Thursday, April 4, 2013

In-N-F****** Out!!!

Our meal, untouched!
Soooooo,  I ate fast food today.....  I know,  it's been a year and no fast food, but let me justify myself really quick here, it was In-N-Out!  In-N-Out is a west-coast burger chain that has figured       it        out            man!  I love this place, and even though it is fast food I think it's justifiable because of the high quality of the ingredients.  Beef never frozen, fries cut on the spot, usually minutes before they are cooked, local veggies, this place is great!  Plus the Not-So-Secret menu, a list of stuff you can order off menu.  This used to be a secret menu, but it's so popular that it's really not a secret now.....  The regular menu is so simple that it seems stupid....

Double Double, Basic double cheeseburger, 2 patties, 2 slices
Cheeseburger, Basic
Hamburger, Really basic

Thats it.  Simple.  Done well.  Damn.  Thats all it takes folks.  It an age where fast food joints have a million things on the menu, this place has people lined up out the door from open to close.  So who's doin it right?  In-N-Out is.  Plus they give you stickers when you ask!  Dope.

So I got the Double Double (Regular Menu), cooked medium well with mustard, they put mustard on the patty before they cook it, so the flavor is cooked right in!! (Both on the secret menu).  Fries (Regular) Cooked twice (secret menu, makes em crispier)  and a root beer float (Secret Menu).

P.S.  I'm not gonna list the whole Secret Menu, it's pretty long, look it up lazy assholes!!

The Aftermath!!


  1. I know, I know, but if you read the post about cheese I never said I would quit cheese, just not eat near as much, and I really think that I've only eaten cheese once or twice since the post..... Come on, it was In-N-Out!!!