Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing pet food, above the pets!


We have a lot of pets.  And we are getting another one tomorrow.  Damn.  It really wont be a bother though.  Right now we have three Guinea Pigs, three rats, two dogs, and a bunny.  Tomorrow we are fostering another bunny.  However, fostering always turns into adopting.  Always.  At least for me.  So Marley, pictured right, will have a brother soon.  Whether either one wants one or not.  So we grow food for them.  WAY cheaper than buying it.  Wheatgrass grows like a weed.  I really really wish I had the pics before, because the difference in such a short period of time is pretty spectacular.  We took some tubs we got from home depot I think for sale, like a dollar or two apiece, we had em laying around and this turned out to be kismet because they fit perfectly in the top of the hutch I built for the rabbits and piggies.  So you can see the idea of the hitch by the picture.  Guinea Pigs on bottom, rabbit in the middle with a ramp going to the top level that has wheatgrass, the one pic was before the wheatgrass was grown and the bins were empty in the top.  we got a five pound bag of wheatgrass seed from the internets for like 5 bucks.  drilled holes in the bottom of two of the bins and put them into the ones without holes.  You gotta do this, there needs to be a lot of drainage.  You gotta water the crap outa these guys.  I sprouted the seeds in a bowl, I soaked em for a few days, then drained the water and let em sit with a few paper towels on top till they sprouted nice and big.  I put a couple inches of soil in each bin, and spread the sprouts evenly over the soil.  It looks like a lot, but don't let this fool you, each one of those seeds is gonna be a blade of grass, so you want em stacked up on top of each other.  I covered em with the bins lids with holes drilled in those too.  You need to let those guys breath!!!  Let that stew for a few days, you will start to see blades coming up from the root covered seeds!!!  Let there be light!!!  These things LOVE light and water.  I have a little 150 watt grow light, so I have that above it.  This is after a couple of weeks of growth.  Looks pretty cool huh?  Any questions on how to grow wheat grass, for your health or your pets, please ask!!

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After close inspection,      nice....  nice....
You can see where we harvested some for the kids

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