Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where the rubber meets the.....herb?

The granite and marble shtuff

OK, so we needed some planters for our herbs and stuff this spring.  it's been in the 50's and 60's during the day here, so we decided to start a tire potter thing.  The caption says stage one, but stage one was actually stealing the tires.  We roamed around our local industrial area scoping for tires.  It actually took us awhile, tires are usually plentiful, but todays foray took a little longer.  We DID find some pieces of granite and marble countertop sections!  I don't know what Im gonna do with em yet, but I have an idea.... and coincidentally enough, it has to do with that wire spool they are sittin on.  Sooooo......  Stage one of construction, there you go, was stacking the tires in an eye pleasing manner.  Not so easy, took about half an hour of arranging but the lady found an eye pleasing arrangement.  They kind of hang off the back of each other, and when I am done I will show ya.  Stage two was filling em.  So we took Blue Thunder, our little car, up to the mushroom mulch pile.  It took a couple of trips, but we got enough to fill em, and I'm gonna top it off with a little potting soil I have. Flowers in the lower ones, and herbs and spinach in the top ones.  I think it'll look pretty dope when all the plants are in and a little grown.

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Stage One

Stage Two with one of my babies!

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