Friday, February 22, 2013

Surrender rises high... and I Gave what I came to give

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Tree Hole!!
Limekiln Creek
Cool tree trunk on trail

One of the great bridges 

View from first bridge

Limekiln Creek 
Large hole in tree with boulder in middle
So, to start off my posting, I'll talk about an awesome place to go hiking, specially if you have little ones, the trails are fairly easy and short and beautiful enough to hold their attention.  Limekiln State Park is South of Big Sur off of Highway 1.  Right past the Lucia Lodge. the Lodge is really quaint and nice, they have a restaurant and a small general store, and of course rooms.  They are right on the edge of the cliff and look pretty dope, I will get a picture next time I go.  But don't buy anything!!  And I guarantee the restaurant is expensive because a can of Pringles, a couple drinks and a little package of Nutter Butters was 18 bucks.  Fo reals..    anyways, the park is really small and the entrance is smaller, so if you blink you'll miss it.  Look for the Limekiln State Park sign right after a bridge about 5 miles south of The Lucia Lodge.  Like all the parks around here, it's $10 to get in, and unfortunately, unlike most of the other parks, there is no place to park outside and walk in.  oh well.  You can use the ticket they give you when you get your day pass to get into all the other parks, so go on a day when you want to go to multiple parks.  Also, a good samaritan thing to do would be to give your pass to another park visitor to use the rest of the day.....  I know, I know, the parks need the money.  Well guess what? I am broke as a motherfucker, so live with it.  Anyways, we paid to get in.  There are a few trails here, the best two, cause I couldn't pick one, are the Falls Trail and the Creek Trail.  Both these trails are really wooded with old growth Redwoods and ferns with LOTS of fallen trees, HUGE fallen trees.  Lots or moss on these trails, and you may ask why I include this, me and my girlfriend are photographers, and the moss covered logs and rocks are awesome to take pics of, so there...  These trails really are like something out of a movie.  Huge 200 too 300 foot granite cliffs dwarfed by beautiful redwoods with large holes in the trunks you can walk through!  You can tell there was a fire here pretty recently, well in forest time.  The tree trunks are charred and a lot were felled and used for bridges and to shore up the pathways and loose hills.  I like when they do this, it looks more natural than other methods I've seen used.  The built bridges were all very sturdy and well maintained.  The improvised ones were pretty good.  Fallen logs and rocks are the norm.  At the end of the Falls Trail is a pretty spectacular waterfall.  The other name for the trail is 100 Foot Waterfall Trail,  and I believe it.  One river splits into two falls off of a granite cliff into clear pools that feed Limekiln Creek.  I can’t beat into your brain enough how fucking awesome this place is.  Under one of the falls is a couple of fallen trees that make for a pretty awesome photo op.  The Creek Trail just kind of ends......   however......  If you cross the creek a little before the sign that the trail ends, there are several LARGE fallen logs to cross, the trail continues and is just as good as the rest of the trail.  Lots of pics to follow!!  If you have any questions, please let me know!!
Part of the Falls Trail

Song of the day
Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is my time
This is my tear
I can see clearly now
That this is not a place
For playing solitaire

Tell me where you want me
This is my time
This is my tear
Falls Trail

My girlfriend neer the falls for some perspective

this old trunk was over 30 ft across, I wish I could have seen this tree

One of the many fallen trees

The falls

Road coming in from Highway 1

the falls

the bathrooms were amazingly clean, not for a park, just amazingly clean

To the campgrounds, the trashcans were everywhere and brand new


One of the campgrounds

The best campground in the place!

Trail stairs

Fields of clover


Huge granite cliffs

Some parts of the stream had pools 10 ft or more deep

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