Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bento Sucka

Whenever I can I try to reduce, reuse, or recycle.  However, sometimes a deal comes across I cant turn down on something that I've been looking for.  I am pretty picky about new things that I buy,  I refuse to buy it if it isnt exactly what I wanted.  A few of the things I am still looking for is a beanie that fits and looks right, a pair of sunglasses I like, and a pair of hiking shoes I can stand.  The other was double discount days for employees at my girlfriends work and we went in to pick up a few things we really needed.  On a shelf, totally unassuming, was this beauty:

I was really excited because I've been looking for a lunchbox for a while and I used to live in Japan, and Bentos were my favorite way to eat lunch.  Bentos are lunches that come sectioned off in a box specifically made to carry these types of meals.  The Japanese are crazy about them and most eat a type of bento for lunch.  When I say most, I mean like at least 90%.  There are hundreds of these Mom and Pop places that make these Bento meals, and I would stop by my favorite place every morning at like 5 and pick up one for lunch.  Japanese people are so crazy about these meals that they have competions to see who makes the most decorative ones.  These things are pretty awesome!  Cartoon characters and animals made out of food, themed lunches, they get super elaborate.  Sometimes I would get the American Style Bento and it was hilarious!  It's like they took all the meals you ate for a week and just put a taste of each one in a lunch.  There would be a little dollop of mashed potates and gravy, a small scoop of spaghetti and marinara sauce, half a hot dog butterflied, green beans, Half of a breakfast sausage patty, and a fried egg on top.  Seriously.  The point is, I used to love these things!  SO, when I saw the little tangerine bento box at my girlfriends work I had to get it!!  It has handles that fold into the body, and I dont really use them, but sometimes I do, and they are so out of the way that you don't even notice them unless you are usin em.  It breaks down into two levels, one that has a divider built in and the other wide open.  The little tabs on the side snap shut to keep the whole thing neat and together.  The open compartment has a lid for it.  One of my favorite features is under the lid.  There is a cover under the lid that snaps off, under the cover is a fork and spoon that snaps into the cover!  This keeps them from getting food all over em while it's sloshing around on the way to work, it also keeps em from rattling around all over the place.  They retail for something like 15 bucks.  It was $5.99 at my girls work, and with double discount days, I got something I've been looking for for months for a couple of dollars!  Made by My Bento Meal.  

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