Monday, March 4, 2013

Cutting the Cheese


I used to live in Japan.  When you go to the grocery store there, the vegetable section is HUGE.  The fish section is ENORMOUS, and the ramen noodle aisle was EPIC.  The cheese section however was..... a cubbyhole in the dairy aisle like 2 by 2.  Small.  And they were all really tinny packages too.  Hmmmm, the Japanese tend to be a slim people.....  Nothing near the 2 pound packages normally seen in your local Piggy Wiggly. That Piggly Wiggly also probably boasts a cheese aisle a football field long. "Come on Rob, thats Japan, they don't have a cultural proclivity towards cheese, I've heard tales of the cheese field of Europe, where there are wheels of cheese as far as the eye can see!"  Well....not really.  When I lived in Italy, there was a small section for processed type cheeses in the fridge section, and the "deli" section had better, usually locally made cheeses.  France was the same way.  Now, both of these countries have specialty cheese shops, and the French eat a lot of cheese, more than us.  However......  The French eat better cheeses. We eat the fake processed yellow or orange gooey, nasty mess that adorns burgers and is slathered on chips and leather hided hot dogs in truck stops.  Not only has it invaded your grocery store, what restaurant doesn't have a version of everything on its menu with cheese slathered on it? Take the cheese out of your mouth America!  Today was my "official" break from cheese.  Thats right folks, no more cheese.  Well, not ever.  I will eat small amounts of cheese if its really good stuff or an ESSENTIAL part of a recipe.  Now I'm not talking Pizza Hut or cheeseburgers.  Those arn't essential.  First off, no more fast food pizza, sooooo there goes that, and second, cheese adds nothing to a burger.  I know, I know.  I hear a lot of you calling bullshit, but really, a good quality burger does not need cheese, and I would say even ruins a good burger.  Take a good fat to beef ratio, for burgers, the best is 20/80.  All the stupid people will say "But all that fat!!  I cant eat all that fat so I get a leaner hamburger."  THATS the reason your burgers suck!!
America's Obsession
   The more you delve into the business of cheese, the more you see how nefarious it can be.  This is because there is billions of dollars in the business.  Michael Moss at The New York Times wrote a great article about it, (New York Times Story).  The Government and big business is pushing this......stuff.......on all of us and we have been swallowing it for years.  A lot of it.  Stats show that Americans eat 33 pounds of cheese a year on average.  33 pounds.  A year.  2.75 pounds a month.  1.5 ounces a day.  a day.  ewww.

Cheese is really not that good people.  And it's damn sure not good for you.  I am not trying to preach to you guys, but please do your research on the things you put in your body, it's the only one you've got!

I do have to say, one of the next things on my list to go is gonna be white flower, so I gotta come up for an alternate in my Hawaiian Bread recipe.

 I Hate Cheese!!
Why Cheese Is Gross
I really wanted to put a PETA link up here, but fuck PETA, they're worse than cheese....

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This is what heaven looks like....

OK  so if you want a good burger, follow this.  Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesy

You need the fat for flavor, not only that, the fat in beef is better than the fat in cheese.  Pepper, salt, onion powder.  Sprinkle on both sides of formed patties liberally.  Get your grill or broiler hot as shit.  Cook.  Serve on a good bun (I like  Hawaiian buns, and I am working on a recipe, so keep tuned) with your choice of veggies.  No cheese needed, just the right fat content!!

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